How to heal health and resolve in Griftlands

You have limited chances to heal, and sometimes it comes with a consequence.

You fight with two types of decks in Griftslands, your negotiations deck, and your battle deck. Each of these has a different health bar, resolve, and health, respectively. You will die and have to start over if your health bar reaches zero, but if your character’s resolve reaches zero, they will be unable to negotiate. While adventuring, you have a handful of ways to heal these bars. 

The best way to heal yourself from combat is to visit The Grog n’ Dog bar that has the house icon above it on your map. Go there and speak to Fssh, who can sell you a drink to heal your resolve or food to improve your health. Both options come at a price. These options also come with consequences, though.

If you have a drink, you will receive the Slurred Speech and Tipsy card. When you eat Fssh’s famous Fsshcakes, you gain the Bloated card. These cards go into your deck and enter your draw rotation when you enter a fight or a negotiation battle. To remove these cards from your deck, you need to sleep or spend action points during a battle. You can only sleep during select instances of the story.

A way to heal your resolve is to win a combat encounter successfully. If you have no resolve on your character, a good way to gain it back is to continually engage in battles against opponents rather than use whatever resolve you have to fight using a negotiation deck.

During combat, there are some cards you can upgrade that you can use to heal yourself or an ally. You can also purchase cards from vendors in Griftlands, but most of these are one-time uses, so you need to spend your money wisely.

There are random events that occur while you traverse the map in between destinations. During a random event, you will have a list of options, and you can receive more health or resolve by taking on additional consequences. Because these are random, you cannot rely on them to heal your character.

You will receive all of your health and resolve back at the end of the day when you sleep. Sleeping occurs at specific points of the story, and you won’t be able to do this until you reach this point.