How to heal in Dragon Ball: The Breakers

Stay in the fight.

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Health management is always a big part of most multiplayer games. It is key to your success in a game where survival is paramount, like Dragon Ball: The Breakers. With that in mind, you need to know how to recover your health when the opponent takes you down a peg. Here is how to heal in Dragon Ball: The Breakers as both a Survivor or Raider.

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How to recover health as a Survivor in Dragon Ball: The Breakers

To heal as a Survivor in Dragon Ball: The Breakers, you need to look around for some items. Either located in crates or destructible objects can be an item called the Barrier Recovery Device. After you have been struck or downed by the Raider, you will have a red ring around you, notifying you that one more hit and you will go down. Using the Barrier Recovery Device will heal you so you can withstand an extra hit from them. While the item is charging, you can run around and look for a hiding place until it is finished.

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While there are Senzu Beans in the game, they do not necessarily heal players like they do in the regular anime and manga. Instead, those can be used to revive a downed teammate instantly.

How to heal as a Raider in Dragon Ball: The Breakers

The only way to heal as a Raider is to collect all seven Dragon Balls. To gather them, you will need to down Survivors that are holding the Dragon Balls and then pick them up. When you have all seven, make your way to an altar and summon Shenron. He will give you two choices for a wish: “Heal my wounds” or “Give me even greater power.” Potentially, you may also get a choice for immortality. The health choice will fully replenish your health, so do this if you are getting low. If not, we recommend going with the evolution booster. Of course, if you have the chance to become immortal, that will completely negate all future damage.