How to heal party members in Urtuk: The Desolation

Medicine is critical to ensure your party members stay alive

Protecting your party members will make your life much easier in Urtuk: The Desolation. Unfortunately, many of them are bound to take substantial amounts of damage, and some of them may go down in combat. When they do, you need to make sure to give them the proper treatment to ensure they can heal. You can also assist them in battle by giving them specific abilities and mutations to make it easier to recover health during a fight.

When you finish an encounter, and you had party members go down, they receive an injury. You need to go into the party menu on the right side of your screen and give them medicine if you have any. Highlight the character you want to provide the medicine to and apply it to them. Depending on the injury, the character needs a few days of rest before they no longer have the injury. If a character goes down again in combat while they are healing, they do die, and you don’t return.

During combat, your characters need to exercise caution. Most spells you use will enhance their chance to receive lifesteal when hitting an enemy. You want to strategically formulate what characters can use skills to give your party members lifesteal, and what mutators they have active to enhance it further. Potentially, a character could unlock a trait to make lifesteal attacks give them back more health when they attack an enemy. Healing in the middle of a fight is difficult, so try to station your stronger characters with heavy armor upfront and the weaker, more damage-based ones in the back. Luckily, all characters heal back to full health after combat.

Remembering to visit your party menu to apply medicine to your characters if they fall in combat is essential. You also want to double-check to see how many days they’re going to be injured. If you’re going to ensure they remain out of combat, you can choose to stay at your location for a day or two and wait.