How to hide the HUD in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Crystal clear skies.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

If your PC has the muscle to run it with all the graphics settings maxed out, Microsoft Flight Simulator is arguably one of the best looking simulator games of all time. This means you will want to take a lot of screenshots of your beautiful planes flying over exotic locations. You might also just briefly want to clear the screen to get a good look at just how wonderful the world can look from 10,000 feet up.

While we have a full guide covering how to take screenshots, there is a quick way to remove the HUD. If you hit the Insert key, the camera will instantly switch to the Drone camera that follows your aircraft, giving you an external view of your plane, but it will also immediately remove all the HUD elements that you can normally see when using this camera. 

There will be gauges and dials on the screen during a normal external view, so you can still keep an eye on the plane’s altitude, speed, and other important information points. By using the Insert key, these will automatically be deactivated, and you will have a beautifully clear screen with no HUD markings and most of the other screen clutter.

If there are markings still in the way, these are likely due to your Assistance settings, and you can venture into that relevant menu to deactivate them. These include approach and descent guidelines near your destination airport, waypoints for destinations or points of interest, and other such markers.