How to hijack vehicles in Halo Infinite

Taking what is rightfully yours.

Screenshot via Halo YouTube

Ever since Halo 2, players have had the ability to yank opponents out of their vehicles and claim the rides for themselves. This holds true for Halo Infinite, a game that’s flush with land and air vehicles just waiting to be commandeered. However, there are a number of hazards players need to watch out for if they wish to take a vehicle out of someone’s hands. Here’s the rundown on hijacking an opponent’s vehicle in Halo Infinite.

How to Steal Vehicles

Screenshot via Xbox YouTube

The process for stealing someone’s vehicle is similar to how you would normally enter a vehicle, only it’s much deadlier. Once you’re in a position next to an occupied enemy vehicle where you would normally hold X (on controller) to enter it, a prompt will appear for you to hold X to hijack the vehicle. If you did this fast enough while the vehicle was in range, an animation will play wherein you will throw an enemy player out of their seat and seamlessly occupy their position.

For larger vehicles like Wraiths and Scorpion Tanks, you won’t immediately throw the enemy out of their vehicle. Instead, you’ll board the vehicle by hanging onto it. From there, you can let go if you think you’re in too much danger, or you can proceed to melee the enemy driver until they die, allowing you to enter the vehicle.

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Strategies and Dangers

Though the hijacking process seems simple, it comes with a level of risk. You’ll need to use stealth, protection, and the environment to get the drop on enemy players. You might also have to use your head to put yourself in a position where you’re close enough to steal a vehicle without dying. Running straight at a Warthog, Ghost, Chopper, Wraith, or Scorpion typically doesn’t work — you’ll just get shredded or obliterated. You can use Equipment to maximize your odds, like an Overshield for extra health or Active Camo for invisibility.

Your biggest danger is likely being Splattered by an enemy’s vehicle once you get in close. This will probably happen a few times; Just do your best to dodge boosts and jump out of harm’s way by timing opponents’ attacks. To freeze an enemy vehicle in its tracks, you could always EMP it first by shooting it a few times with the Disruptor or Shock Rifle (it’ll take longer if you use the Disruptor). Once a blue, lighting-esque aura surrounds the vehicle, quickly kick your opponent out before it wears off. Be warned: turrets and guns are still functional when EMPd.

Hijacking Air Vehicles

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If you want to hijack an enemy Banshee or Wasp, there are a few ways to make this happen. You can either wait until an enemy gets close enough to the ground and do it the old-fashioned way, or you can EMP the aircraft using the steps described in the previous section.

If this doesn’t work, however, or you’d like to try something else, Halo Infinite offers a handy Grappling Hook equipment that’s perfect for hijacking. You’ll still have to wait for an aircraft to get relatively close, but once it’s in range, fire your Grappling Hook at the cockpit. If you’re successful, you’ll fly up toward the aircraft where you’ll then be able to board and hijack it. This same strategy works for ground vehicles, too, making Halo Infinite one of the easier Halo titles for hijacking.