How to host and join online co-op sessions in Genshin Impact

Play with friends.

Genshim Impact

Image via miHoYo

Genshin Impact is an online game you can play from your PC, a PlayStation 4, or a mobile device. There’s a lot of ground to cover, such as leveling up your various party members, grabbing new equipment with them, exploring the world, and managing your multiple collectibles. It’s a massive adventure you can also share with a friend, but there’s a particular way you can do it, and it only happens after you reach far enough into the game by yourself.

To host and join an online co-op session in Genshin Impact, you first need to reach Adventure Rank 16. If you have not reached this point in the game, you won’t be able to unlock it, and thus you can’t invite your friends to join you. It gives you plenty of time you explore the game’s various mechanics and get a good hang out, which means you can start to do higher-level content and reliably be a worthy asset to those you join online.

When you reach Adventure Rank 16, go into your main menu, and the option to start a co-op session will appear. To join another player’s session, you can input their player name and UID into the search menu and locate them from the list. Alternatively, if you want to create your co-op session, there should be a “My Multiplayer” option at the bottom of the co-op mode screen. You can select options for players looking to join, such as granting another person to join you directly, have your session automatically reject any join requests you receive, or have them participate after you approve their request to play with you.

The important bit is to make sure you reach Adventure Rank 16. From there, it’s pretty straightforward, and it’s a fun way to experience the content with a friend.