How to hurdle over a defender in Madden 21

Knowing how to hurdle can be very useful.

Like with jukes, hurdles can be an effective method to beat opposing defenders and baffle your opponent. While you probably won’t use a hurdle as much as a juke, it’s still important to know how to perform one. So how do you jump over a defender?

What are the controls to perform a hurdle in Madden 21?

As far as controls go, hurdling in Madden 21 is relatively simple. When you control a player on offense who has the ball (running back, wide receiver, tight end), press Y/Triangle to perform a hurdle. If you press the left stick either left or right when pressing Y/Triangle, you can also perform a ‘jurdle.’

A jurdle is a hybrid between juke and hurdle. You won’t be able to jump as high, but it will allow you to better evade defenders, as the change of direction can give opposing players fits.

Keep in mind that you will want to perform hurdles and jurdles responsibly. Much like in real football, Madden is a game of inches. When hurdling, the key is to perform one with enough space between you and the opposing defender. You still want to be close to the defender, but if you are too close and try to hurdle, it won’t work. Also, be mindful that hurdles and jurdles can make the ball carrier more vulnerable and prone to fumbles. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use them, but do so with caution.