How to increase a character’s support level in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Character support matters.

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Once again, support comes into play in a Fire Emblem game. Since Awakening, character support level has increased their attack capabilities by allowing them to use different abilities in battle. Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes brings support level back in a big way. It is important to keep up your relationships with those around you because it might just give you to upper hand in battle.

What does support level do?

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In Fire Emblem Warriors, you can assign adjutants to different characters during battle. This allows characters to partner up and gains bonuses based on who they are with. Partnering up with a character increases your character’s capabilities by making their attack and guard gauges fill faster. This also unlocks a partner special that increases the power of your special attack. The last bonus perhaps tops them all. Having a high support level with your adjutant allows you to use some of their abilities. The higher the support level, the more abilities of theirs you can use.

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How to increase support level in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

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There are three ways that you can increase your character’s support level with their allies. The first means of doing this is by simply talking to the other characters and learning what they like/dislike and responding to them appropriately when receiving dialogue options. Outside of conversation, you can also purchase gifts for your characters’ allies. Getting an ally a gift they like will increase their fondness of you.

Last, you simply need to go into battle with your allies. During battle, press the L and Y buttons together to assign a nearby adjutant to the character you are currently using. Battle together will increase the bond the two characters share. Remember, there are three levels of support that you can share with an ally; C, B, and A. A-rank support is the highest you can get with any ally. There are also allies that you simply cannot have a relationship with.