How to increase Adeptal Energy in Genshin Impact

Keep your energy levels high.

Silk Flower Genshin Impact

Image via Gamepur

Genshin Impact’s 1.5 update introduced housing and with it a number of minor features and mechanics that players will need to be aware of. One of those new mechanics is Adeptal Energy.

Adeptal Energy is the total amount of energy contained within your private realm inside the Serenitea Pot. The higher the Adeptal Energy, the higher the rank and rating of your home, and the more special currency it will accumulate per hour. The ranks for as follows:

  • Bare-Bones – 0 – 4/hr
  • Humble Abode – 2000 – 8/hr
  • Cozy – 3000 – 12/hr
  • Queen-Size – 4500 – 16/hr
  • Elegant – 6000 – 20/hr
  • Exquisite – 8000 – 22/hr
  • Extraordinary – 10000 – 24/hr
  • Stately – 12000 – 26/hr
  • Luxury – 15000 – 28/hr
  • Fit for a King – 20000 – 30/hr

Your Adeptal Energy will increase as you place more items in your world. Buildings, furniture, decorations, and outside items will all net you more Adeptal Energy. Each item that players place in their world will have a value that will be added to the their Adeptal Energy total.

As they go from one bracket to the other, they will be able to accumulate more energy and they can then use this currency that is generated to buy items and blueprints from Tubby, the friendly bird that lives in the Serenitea Pot and takes care of your home.

So, to increase their Adeptal Energy and continue to rank up, all players need to do is farm resources and build lots of items and furniture so that they can place it all within their world to generate more energy.