How to increase backpack inventory space in My Time at Sandrock

There are so many items you can find in My Time at Sandrock, so it’s too bad your backpack is initially so limited in size.

Image via Pathea Games

You’ll be picking up many items along the way in My Time at Sandrock, and you’ll often come across the barrier of a limited backpack inventory space. While it’s frustrating when you come across this common issue, fear not; there is a way to increase your backpack inventory space in the game.

Where to increase your backpack inventory space in My Time at Sandrock?

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Your backpack at first is limited to a mere 29-30 spaces that can be filled with materials like wood and stone. However, you can expand that further with your Gol (the in-game currency of the game). To initiate the process, you’ll find a + sign next to the last item in your backpack. Click this symbol to activate the ability to add more backpack slots. Through the slider, you can tell the game how many backpack slots you’d like.

You can spend 10 Gol each to unlock backpack slots. As we had around 30 Gols after collecting money from selling objects from the open-world environment, we could unlock three backpack slots.

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We recommend getting more backpack slots as fast as you can at the beginning, so in later portions of the game, you’re able to collect as many materials as you’d like. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of a cavernous area and unnecessarily drop items for more space in your backpack.

You’ll also need backpack space so you can store gifts for your friends around town. For example, Grace may like extraordinary ingredients for her recipes, while Elsie would enjoy receiving animals as gifts.

Hopefully, when you eventually join up with your friends in the multiplayer mode after the developers implement it, you’ll be able to gain as much Gol and resources as possible. Then, with that money, you can fill up your backpack with as many items as you’d like.