How to increase energy and recover from exhaustion in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Don’t run yourself ragged.

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Stamina and exhaustion aren’t necessarily new mechanics. Many games feature a stamina bar that you need to pay attention to. Letting the bar deplete will often lead to you slowing down from a run to a walk for a short while. In Dreamlight Valley, your energy meter determines whether or not you can perform certain actions. If you can’t, you become exhausted. Here is how you can increase your energy and recover from exhaustion in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to increase your stamina

The energy meter in Dreamlight Valley can be found in the upper left corner of the screen. It is represented by a blue bar with a cloud on it. Each time you perform a task, the meter will decrease. Tasks that use energy include mining, fishing, digging, picking up items, and gardening.

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At first, this meter won’t be very big and will run out rather quickly. Luckily, you can increase your energy meter by leveling up. Leveling up happens over time throughout the game. You gain experience each time you increase your Friendship Level, perform tasks, complete quests, and open a new area. When you level up, you will get an item and a small increase to your energy bar.

How to recover from exhaustion

When your energy meter runs out, your character will become exhausted. During this time, if you try to perform any actions, the energy symbol will appear above your head and prevent you from performing the action. When you finally reach that exhausted state, eat some food to restore your energy. Each food in the game has an energy value that shows how much energy you will get from eating it.

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Make sure you don’t overeat since it won’t overfill your energy meter. Certain foods that you can cook will overfill your energy meter for a short while. If you don’t have any food on you, head over to your house and hang out for a little while and your meter will start to fill back up.