How to increase health in Psychonauts 2

Tap dancing what now?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Psychonauts 2 is a rather tricky game if you’re not a platforming aficionado. As the game progresses, you’ll find some tough challenges along the way that will test even the best agents out there. Increasing your health will certainly improve that life expectancy for Raz. Here’s how to do it.

On each level, there is an opportunity to raise your health by one or two points from finding half-a-minds. They’re tap-dancing half-brains that are waiting for Raz to pick up. They’re energetic, so it makes sense they can improve Raz’s health. Once you find both half-a-brains, an animation will begin with both of them fusing together. You’ll then instantly gain one health on the left side of the screen. We love Double Fine’s creativity. Some may have only two like Hollis’ Classrooms, and others will have four like Hollis’ Hot Streak.

Screenshot by Gamepur

They can be quite challenging to find, so make sure you’re exploring every single nook and cranny of Psychonauts 2’s levels. You can burn down paintings, use the mental connection ability to zip from one place to another. Just make sure you thoroughly explore each section. You may have to revisit prior levels with new abilities to find both of the half-a-minds.

You can keep track of how many half-a-minds you have found through your journal. Press the Select button on your controller and then toggle all the way down to the Areas section of the menu that pops up by pressing RB (or R2 on PlayStation systems). Press the confirmation button to see how many more half-a-minds you need to find to get the most health for Raz alongside other collectible stats.