How to burn objects in Psychonauts 2

Burn baby burn.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Pyrokinesis is one of the best abilities in Psychonauts 2 as you can singe objects in front of you, living or inanimate. You’ll find new routes and sometimes, enemies are even weak to fire, giving you an advantage in battle. The roof is on fire, literally.

Burning objects is fairly easy in Psychonauts 2 if you have the pyrokinesis ability properly equipped. During the first level in Cagliostro Loboto’s mind, you will unlock it to burn paintings around you. Hold the assigned button on your controller (it is L1 or LB on Xbox and PlayStation by default) and hover the marker to the object you want to burn. There should be an orange outline around the item. Let it go to unleash the flames. Raz’s kinda girlfriend Lili makes quite a grim joke of her being engulfed from the fire but then she admits to faking it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In battle, you can emit a dome of fire in front of Raz that can impact multiple enemies at once. Unfortunately, you can’t simply press the L1/LB button to utilize it; it needs to be held in place and then let go to unleash the attack. You should also keep in mind that there is a cooldown period attached to it, but it’s a short five seconds.

If you don’t have pyrokinesis as an equipped psychic ability, no problem. Press the up D-Pad button and move your right stick to the right to find pyrokinesis. You can switch abilities at any point in your adventure.