How to increase your jump range in Elite Dangerous

Up, up and away!

Image via Frontier

Jumping from system to system is one of the most important gameplay aspects of Elite Dangerous. Allowing you to cover huge distances, light years for context, in only a few moments. Being able to cover light years allows the player free reign to explore the massive galaxy that the game has to offer.

How far you can jump depends on a few factors, namely the type of ship being flown and the accompanying Frame Shift Drive (FSD) equipped. Some ships are just better when it comes to jump range, but it is possible to squeeze out quite a bit of range from any ship by following these few tips.

Selecting ship modules

One essential tip for those trying to get as much range as possible is the type of equipped modules. Modules are divided up by letter code. E-Rated being the bottom tier to A-Rated being the best you can get typically. Of all the types to look out for, the D-Rated modules are the ones to grab when going for pure jump range.

The D-Rated modules specifically are the lightest modules available, allowing one’s ship to jump further because of the weight decrease. For getting the most range, we recommend D-Rating all of the modules within the Core Internal Module slot except for FSD and Life Support Module, which should be A-Rated. An A-Rated FSD will grant the highest jump range for that ship, and the Life Support is always good to have in the event of unforeseen consequences.

Picking a ship

The right ship can make a big difference in the overall jump range that can be achieved. Thankfully, there are ships from all price points that are great in terms of the overall jump range. Below we have provided a list of the ships with the best jump range capability starting with the cheapest to the most expensive.

  • Hauler / 51,720 CR – 36.9 LY
  • Diamondback Explorer / 1,893,760 CR – 41.7 LY
  • Asp Explorer / 6,660,150 CR – 38.1 LY
  • Anaconda / 146,968,450 CR – 41.3 LY

The ranges provided above are the base jump range stat for mentioned ships. The range can be improved through swapping, omitting, and engineering modules to achieve better results. The ranges that a ship can take advantage of depend on what modules and extras are equipped on the ship, so do some experimenting to see what ranges can be made possible.