How to increase your reputation rank at the war table in Destiny 2

You must prove yourself worthy each week.

For the Season of the Chosen in Destiny 2, you’ll spend quite a bit of time interacting at a new location called H.E.L.M. This is where you’ll be upgrading your Hammer of Proving and using it to receive new umbral engrams that you can use to roll on the new items for the season. You’ll be jumping back and forth from here to do other activities, and while it is close to the Tower, it’s separated. If you want to upgrade your Hammer of Proving, you need to increase your reputation rank at the war table.

How to increase your reputation at the war table

The only way we’ve discovered that you can increase your rank at the war table is by completing the new Seasonal Challenges. You can find them in the Quests tab in your Director. It’s at the top of the main page, and you can click on it to see what challenges are available. There will be a series of new challenges each week, which means players won’t be able to rush through increasing their reputation at the war table. It’ll be tied to the weekly content, so you’ll have to return each week to see what you’ll have to do.

Once you complete the challenge, you’ll earn a set amount of reputation for the war table. Not all of the challenges for a week have reputation tied to the rewards. For example, only the Contender’s Ascent, Golden Reaper, and the Crash and Coverage challenges give you any amount of reputation for the first week. The other ones in this list only have XP and Bright Dust as a reward. Make sure you double-check each of the challenges before committing to them so you can quickly rack up war table reputation.