How to increase your stamina in Sable

What an inventive way to get more stamina.

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In Sable, climbing to higher structures is vitally important to find new items, finish quests, and uncovering the locations of chum eggs. However, you may need a higher stamina gauge to reach areas you wouldn’t be able to get to otherwise. Thankfully, you can increase your stamina in Sable.

First, you must find the person (or creature in this case) that will increase your stamina in Sable. In the open desert, you’ll find a rock that’s decorated pink. This is the Chum Lair. It’s to the far west of the Ibex Camp and northeast of the canyon area on the bottom left of the map. From the far distance, you’ll see what looks like bubbles flying up in the air like smoke coming out of a chimney. This is where you need to go.

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Once there, go inside and talk to Queen Chum, who will ask if you can find all the chum eggs in the area. In exchange for your efforts, Queen Chum will give you a stamina boost. The first boost will require acquiring five eggs while the second takes 15 chum eggs.

You can find chum eggs in hidden areas throughout the map. Look in every nook and cranny in important areas to find these cute little pink eggs. Try to find secret spots hidden by moss or under rocks, for example. If you think a certain rock formation looks unique, check it out as it will likely have a chum egg on it. They resemble pink corn on the cobs.

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Now that you have increased stamina, you can go to prior areas you’ve explored like Geyser Tower that were tricky to traverse before. It will make aspects of the game like climbing the wind tower much easier in Sable as well.