How to install BakkesMod on Epic Games’ version of Rocket League

Gain full control of your Rocket League experience with this mod.

Image via Psyonix

There are many different ways to improve in Rocket League. You can play custom maps, compete against similarly skilled players in Competitive, or use the in-game practice tools. Unfortunately, the in-game practice tools in Rocket League are somewhat limited. BakkesMod fixes this issue for PC players by being a Rocket League mod that adds many new practice tools to improve your gameplay. This guide will walk you through how to install BakkesMod On Epic Games’ Rocket League and highlight its most popular features.

Downloading and installing

  • Head over to the official BakkesMod site and download the mod.
  • From your download location, open the zipped BakkesMod file and extract the installer onto your computer. 
  • Open the BakkesMod installer and follow the on-screen instructions. 
  • Launch BakkesMod
  • Open Rocket League and press F2 to open the mod window.

Remember that you will need to open up BakkesMod every time you want to use it inside Rocket league. 

BakkesMod’s tools


BakkesMod is a great tool for honing your Rocket League skills. You can use this mod to change the game speed, speed of the ball, and even manipulate gravity. On top of the simple modifications, this mod also allows you to fully customize any training tool to get the most out of your time spent practicing. To use these enhanced training modes, go into Training Mode on any map you want, open the BakkesMod menu, and click on the mode you want to use. You can then use your BakkesMod hotkeys to adjust the mode to your liking. 


If you’re a fan of cosmetics, you will love the fact that you can experiment with skins before buying them. You can even equip some of the rarest items in the game. Keep in mind that these skins will only be visible to you, so you will need to equip them normally if you want others to see them.