How to install GTA V mods on PC

Do things the developers never dreamed of.

Image via Rockstar Games

Mods in Grand Theft Auto V are a great way to mess around in free play when things get stale, and there is no shortage of unique mods. Mods can spawn gravity guns, make your vehicle invisible, or even give you the power of flight. Just make sure not to play Grand Theft Auto Online with these mods, as they do not work and may get you banned.

Getting started

  1. Download and install a program called OpenIV
  2. Once you have it installed, open it up and click on GTA 5 for PC. Then, it will ask for the location of your GTA 5. 
  3. To find this, go to Steam, right-click on the game, and press Properties, then go over to local files and click Browse local files. If you have the game on Epic Games Store, it will be in your Epic Games folder under Program Files.
  4. Now, OpenIV should be opened. It will look similar to Windows Explorer.
  5. Click on Tools at the top, then ASI Manager.
  6. Install all of the ASI managers listed. 

Downloading and installing the mods

Now that you can install any ASI mod now, this is how to install them. This will walk you through how to download a trainer mod. Trainer mods will allow you to spawn vehicles, characters, items, and many more items into GTA 5. These mods are like cheat codes that are easily accessible through an in-game menu. 

  1. Find an ASI you would like to download. Menyoo PC trainer mod will be used as an example. 
  2. Take the contents and drag them over to your GTA 5 folder that we located earlier. 
  3. You need to boot up the game and press the hotkey assigned to activate the mod. For this mod, the hotkey is F8.

You can use this method for installing any mod. Just repeat the previous two steps with a different mod. A great place to find new mods is at 5Mods. Try not to install too many mods at a time, however, as it may cause your game to become unstable.