Will GTA 5 Be On The Nintendo Switch? (Everything We Know So Far)

GTA 5 has been ported to most modern platforms, but fans still wonder when it will be on Nintendo Switch and in what form.

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GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto 5) was initially released in September 2013 and almost immediately became a global sensation. The follow-up launch of GTA Online only made it more engrossing, and fans adored it. However, GTA 5 on Nintendo Switch hasn’t been discussed, and players want to know why.

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Will GTA 5 be Released on Nintendo Switch?

Image via Rockstar Games

At the time of writing, there are no plans for GTA 5 on Nintendo Switch to be released. We’ve been down a few rabbit holes looking for clues but haven’t found anything concrete that points to a Switch release. There could be a few reasons for this; we’ve delved into them in the next section.

Why Isn’t GTA 5 on Nintendo Switch?

Image via Rockstar Games

We believe there are two main reasons GTA 5 isn’t on Nintendo Switch. The first is that, as we saw with the release of the Switch version of Red Dead Redemption, players expect a remaster or remake, given how many of them have been released in recent years.

The original version of GTA 5 runs on Xbox 360 and PS3, just like Red Dead Redemption, so we’d expect it to be able to run on the Nintendo Switch. However, Rockstar Games was greeted with a lot of complaints about the fact that Red Dead Redemption on Switch was only a remaster and not a full remake using the advantages of the sequel’s engine. We believe that the developer took note of this and is working to bring later versions of GTA 5 to whatever console Nintendo puts out next to avoid more controversy.

That brings us to the second reason we’re almost certain GTA 5 isn’t on Nintendo Switch yet. Because Rockstar Games is planning to release it for the Nintendo Switch 2, there were rumors that Nintendo was demoing the Switch 2 to developers at conferences during 2023, and many believe the console will be revealed in 2024.

With this in mind, coupled with the fact that there will be less backlash from Switch fans if they’re getting the best possible version of GTA 5 on Nintendo Switch 2, we can’t see Rockstar Games doing anything else. We’d feel cheated if we got the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of the game on Switch in 2024 just as the new hardware is revealed, and it would certainly sting less that GTA 6 won’t hit the console when it’s released in 2025 if GTA 5 looks as good as it does on modern consoles when it hits the hybrid platform.

Can You Use PlayStation Remote Play to Stream GTA 5 on Nintendo Switch?

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There’s no legitimate way to run PlayStation Remote Play on a Nintendo Switch and stream GTA 5 to it. When searching for information on GTA 5 on Nintendo Switch, a few videos appear that explain how the player is using PlayStation’s Remote Play to run GTA 5 on their Switch. However, after diving deeper into this topic, we’ve discovered that it’s not something everyone can do, and we don’t recommend anyone even attempt to do it.

Somehow, these users have forced their Switches to run Linux and are using PS Remote Play through that. This is incredibly dangerous for the Switch because it’s not designed to stream GTA 5 or run Linux. It could do so much damage to the device that it bricks and becomes unusable.