How to invite friends to your party in Godfall

Work together with a friend.

Image via Counterplay Games

Godfall can be played by yourself or with your friends. For those looking to run around a semi-open area to grind new resources, you can do that by exploring the various realms in the game. For those looking to complete a mission on a harder difficulty, it pays to bring a friend or two with you.

Before starting the multiplayer session, make sure you’re in the Sanctum before proceeding. It’s easier to try and coordinate with your party members in this area. Once all of you are in the Sanctum, you can send out the invites.

The one who is leading the missions and starting them off needs to send out the invites. Determine who that is, and then that person needs to jump into their main menu and go to the social tab. There will two available slots underneath your name, and you can use those to invite your friends. Your party can only consist of three players, so pick and choose who you want to take with you.

To send out the invites, it helps to have them on your friend’s list already. But if you know the username they use, you can find them fairly quickly.

After you have everyone in your party, go to the middle of the Sanctum to choose where you want to go. With a full party, you have better chances of taking on the tougher missions.