How to join a Club in Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension

Here’s how to find a Club in Apex Legends that’s right for you.

Apex Legends
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With the addition of Clubs in Season 7: Ascension, there are so many more possible ways to connect with like-minded players, squad up, and work towards new team goals like Club badges. If you’re the type of player with a gusto for leadership, you may want to create a Club; but if you would rather just be a member, here’s how to find a Club that’s right for you.

Joining a Club

The lobby will now have a new tab in it called Clubs. You will have two options the first time you open the tag, or until you have a club: Join a Club and Create a Club. You’ll want to click Join a Club.

If you already know the club you want to join, you can search by ID, as every club name is unique, or have a club member with higher authority send you an invite if the Club is private. If not, you can look through all public Clubs or filter them by title or tag.


Tags define what type of Club you might be joining. They could say something about the playstyle, such as hardcore vs. casual. Perhaps they indicate the demographic, such as LGBTQIA+. Or they can even be based on gaming habits, like whether or not you require players to go on mic. These tags are great ways to find a Club that fits you.


Some Clubs have restrictions on who can and can’t join, even if they are public. Clubs can possess a minimum level requirement and minimum rank requirement. If you meet both of these, or they allow all levels and ranks, and the guild is open to the public, you can automatically join. You will then be a part of that Club, have access to the chat, and will be able to work towards earning Club badges, unless you leave or are kicked out.

If the Club is only available by request, you must wait for your request to be approved or denied before you can join. Private guilds are invite-only and you cannot find them in-game or ask to join in-game.

You cannot request to join or join a club whose requirements you do not meet or if it is already full. Clubs can currently have up to 30 members.