How to create a Club in Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension

Make a Club that fits your playstyle and personality.

Creating a Club

Apex Legends Season 7 adds a guild-like system — you are given the power to create your own Club. You can have up to 30 members and it’s more than just a secondary friend list. If you would rather not be at the helm, you can join an existing Club; but if you’re ready to take the reigns, here is how to create a Club in Apex Legends.

Creating a Club

The lobby will now have a new tab in it called Clubs. You will have two options the first time you open the tag, or until you have a club: Join a Club and Create a Club. You’ll want to click Create a Club, which will bring you to a brand-new menu where you can edit five different categories: three shorter categories, and two with multiple elements. It should be noted that no profanity or bigotry is allowed in any of the sections that allow user input.

Basic Club settings

  • Name (16 characters or less and must be unique, just like a username)
  • Tag (Think of this like a guild handle, the thing that will show up in-game)
  • Logo (This will be the image used to represent your Club; choose edit or randomize)

Privacy settings

There are many ways to choose who can join your club. The three major ways are filtering by visibility, level and rank.

Visibility comes in three different forms:

  • Open, which will make the group public and anyone can join
  • By Request, which keeps the club public, but new members must be okayed by an owner or admin to join
  • Invite Only, which makes your club private, and it will not show up in search

The level minimums are done in six major variables through the max of 500, while the rank levels are split by the actual rank you are in. The IV through I tiers do not matter.

Search tags

Lastly, you can choose one to five search tags that get across your playstyle and what kind of crew you want to attract. Tag if a mic is required, or how hardcore you are. Tag yourself as LGBTQIA+, or which game modes you are open to. Lots of different tags exist, so you can find your people and squad up.

Crossplay settings

While there is no sixth setting in the club itself, the crossplay setting for the Club is tied to the crossplay setting of the owner. If you allow crossplay as an owner, your Club will also allow crossplay.