How to join a Splatfest team in Splatoon 3

Choose wisely.

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Splatfests are exciting times for players in Splatoon 3. At the end of the day, you are playing the same game as usual, but putting your name into a pool of players and sectioning off the community by their favorite choice for the theme is a really cool idea you don’t see in other games. When these limited-time events happen, you will definitely want to participate if you are a regular player. Here is how to vote for a team in Splatoon 3.

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How to join a team during Splatfest in Splatoon 3

Whenever a Splatfest is active in Splatoon 3, the hosts in the game Deep Cut will provide a little show announcing the team names and give their opinions on their favorite choices. To join a team, you will need to interact with the Splatfest team board in the city. When you get control of your character, turn around, and you will see it in front of you.

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When you look at this board, you will see all three available teams that you can join and the duration of the event. Whatever team you choose will be the one you are locked into until the event ends. After you have selected your team, you will also receive a special t-shirt for your character that you can equip to show your allegiance. However, once the Splatfest ends, you will lose the shirt.

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To help support your team, all you need to do is join Turf War matches and perform as well as you can. The first part of the Splatfest will have regular 4v4 matches, but eventually, you will be able to participate in Tricolor Turf Battles. During these matches, four players from the Splatfest team in first will play a game against two teams of two representing the other guys.