How to join and leave clans in Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Don’t leave your friends out in the cold.

Image via Crunchy Roll

After some initial server overloads and a game-breaking error that caused crashing after buying a Mana pack, Princess Connect! Re: Dive has settled into the hands of anime gacha fans in North America. If you want to join your friends in taking down your enemies, you need to join a clan, the PriConne equivalent of a guild or gang.

Joining a clan

To join a clan, you’ll first need to finish Chapter 3-1. Once this is over, the “Clan” icon will appear on your main menu, located between Shop and Notices. You can use the search bar, located next to the magnifying glass, to find the name of a clan you wish to join, or you can start one on your own. If you have any pending invitations to join a clan, you’ll find them inside this menu as well. Make sure that you’re ready for a commitment, as you can only join one clan at a time.

Once you join a clan, you can send messages to other clan members, access Support Settings to set up characters for dungeons and clan battles, and view Member Info to see who has joined your clan. Up to 30 people can join a single clan, so make sure you have enough room for everyone who wants in.

Leaving a clan

If you decide you don’t want to be in a specific clan anymore, you can easily leave. On your Clan menu, a “Leave” button is prominently displayed above the Member List. The game will ask you to confirm, and if you do, you will need to wait 24 hours before you join or create another clan.