How to join enemy squads in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

How about a truce?

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Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 is here, and with it comes a ton of new features and mechanics, some of which are entirely new ideas for the battle royale genre. Assimilation is a new and unique mechanic that allows players to join or recruit enemy players into their squad, meaning those who are unlucky enough to be the last of their squad or find themselves face-to-face with a squad’s last player can still have a fighting chance of getting the win by teaming up with new players — If they accept. This guide explains how to use this new mechanic and gives you a few details on it works.

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How to use Assimilation in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

To use Assimilation and join an enemy team, you’ll need to use the ping wheel, which by default can be opened with the Alt key on your PC or the Up button on your D-Pad for a controller. There will be an option that says “Request to Join Nearby Enemy Squads” in the ping wheel. Click this option and the nearby squad will receive a notification saying “Request Received (players name) Wants to Join your Squad.” It’s then up to the squad if they want to accept or deny your request to join them, and you will receive a pop-up notification on their decision.

If you are looking to invite someone into your squad, the process is very similar. Open the ping wheel and there will be an option saying “Invite Nearby Players to Join Your Squad,” which will notify players you are looking for them to join your squad and give them the option to accept or decline.

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There are a couple of tidbits about this new mechanic to be aware of. First, the system is in per-request order, meaning if multiple players are asking to join your squad, the last person to send you the request will be the one you are responding to, and all others will be overwritten. Additionally, the feature can only be used if you or the enemy team has a vacant spot in their squad, and in most cannot exceed the modes squad limit. This means a duo cannot have more than two players, trio’s cannot have more than three, and quads no more than four. The only exception to this is the Unhinged trio’s mode, which can allow up to six players to assimilate into a single squad.