How to join or create a club in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Prepare for the next season.

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While you may start Mario Strikers: Battle League off by playing against various AI-controlled opponents, it won’t take you long to venture into the online mode. Shortly after that, you may be tempted to join a club or even create your own. This guide details everything you need to know about joining or creating a club in Mario Strikers: Battle League. Afterward, you can square off against hardened opponents in season matches.

Creating a club

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In the main menu, you will see a selection for the Strikers Club. Select that menu option and it will take you to a different menu where you can join or create a club. To start things off, you will need to select which character you want to use. Don’t worry, this can be changed later if you want to use a different character. Once your character is selected, press the Y button to start your journey into creating a club.

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When you start creating a club, you will need to fill out a few options before you can continue. These options are:

  • Club name
  • Uniform colors
  • Stadium
  • Region
  • Club policy
  • Conditions to join

The club policy option allows you to state what type of people you are looking for. You can set certain policies like ‘all about winning’ to show that you want serious players, or you can choose ‘uses voice chat’ if you want teammates that you can talk to. You can even set a policy that requires your teammates to wear specific gear like the Turbo set. The conditions to join option allows you to choose whether you want the club to be open to the public or closed to only those you approve. You can even set it to friends only if you already have a dedicated group. Once all of these settings have been selected, press the A button to continue and create your group.

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Joining a club

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Joining a club is much simpler than creating one. Access the Strikers Club menu from the main screen like you are creating a club. This time, instead of pressing Y to create your club, browse the list of clubs that appears. Select one that you like from the menu or press the X button to search for clubs. You can choose to search for clubs with certain conditions, a specific code, or recommended clubs that the game provides.