How to unlock the Turbo Gear set in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Going turbo!

Image via Nintendo

For some people, speed is the name of the game in every situation. They like being able to get to locations faster than their opponent, putting themselves in a better situation. If you play any real-world sport, you have likely heard that speed is a skill that can not be taught. However, in video games, you can often adjust the characteristics of your character and make them a little more agile on the move. For Mario Strikers: Battle League, the Turbo Gear set is your key for this.

How to buy Turbo Gear

The Turbo Gear set in Mario Strikers: Battle League is all focused on speed. If you feel you are not getting the ball fast enough when compared to the opposition, you will want to consider equipping a piece or two to a character. This is one of the starter options available in the Gear Settings store, priced at 100 coins each, or 400 coins to buy all four of the items.

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What Turbo Gear does

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Here are all of the Turbo Gear items and the statistic changes they bring to your character:

  • Turbo Helmet: Speed +2, Technique -2
  • Turbo Gloves: Speed +2, Strength -2
  • Turbo Pad: Speed +2, Passing -2
  • Turbo Boots: Speed +2, Shooting -2

As you can see, the Turbo Gear set is wholly focused on making you a speed demon on the field. This does come at a price to your other stats, so if you decide to put all four pieces on a character, you will definitely be faster than others, but your other areas of the game will be weaker.