How to join Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta

Start playing hundreds of games across multiple devices.


Image via Microsoft’s YouTube

Microsoft has made the Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta available across even more devices in 2021. The service allows you to play hundreds of games on Xbox Game Pass anywhere, providing it’s on one of the supported platforms. This guide will explain how to join the Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta and what devices you can access it from.

How to join Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta

To join the Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta, just visit Xbox website on a Windows 10 PC or Apple phone or tablet. First, you’ll need to visit using a Chrome, Edge, or Safari browser. Once you’re on the webpage, follow the instructions to access the games on Xbox Game Pass.

Since this service uses Xbox Game Pass, you’ll need to sign up for a subscription before you can play any games. The page we’ve referenced above contains two links, one for current subscribers to sign in and another for anyone else to sign up through. Regardless of whether you’re signed up to Xbox Game Pass or not, you can still join the Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta through the same page.

What devices can you use the Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta on?

At the time of writing, it’s possible to sign in and play games through the Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta on any Windows 10 PC, Apple iPhone and tablet, and Android smartphones. Currently, these are all the devices that you can use the service on, and they all use the same method above. It’s one webpage regardless of the device you have. All you’ll need is a connection to the internet.