How to jump in MLB The Show 21

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Image via Sony San Diego

In MLB The Show 21, you will take control of the greatest baseball athletes in the world. From throwing 100 miles per hour to running the length of a basketball court to catch a fly ball, MLB players pull off some impressive feats on the field. Sometimes though, it doesn’t matter how far you run — the ball will be just out of your reach. Here is how you can attempt a jumping catch and record a fancy looking out.

While a ball is in play, you can make a defender jump by playing R1 on PlayStation or RB on Xbox. You will want to choose your jumps properly, because if you jump at a situation that you could have just run down a ball, it will likely go past you.

The style of jump you attempt will change with the situation. For example, an infielder standing still will jump straight up to try and stop a high liner from going into the outfield, while a running outfielder will attempt to reach further out to bring in a catch. Also, if you are near a wall, you can jump up it to attempt to rob a home run. Depending on your player’s skills, the trajectory of the ball, and the dimensions of the outfield wall, your jump will look quite different.