How to rob home runs in MLB The Show 21

Pull off one of the most exciting plays on a baseball field.

Image via Sony San Diego

Baseball is a sport reliant on the biggest plays in the game. Stolen bases, diving catches, and walk-off home runs are just a few examples of exciting plays that people love to watch baseball for. Another exciting play involves jumping up to catch a ball as it is about to fly over the wall for a home run. It’s a true test of timing, physical ability, and a little luck. Here is how to rob home runs in MLB The Show 21.

As stated above, robbing a home run will take a great deal of luck. First, the batted ball will need to be hit right at the top of the outfield wall, but with enough elevation that it will not go out too quickly. If the ball is traveling at a proper trajectory that you have a chance to rob it, you will see three yellow arrows appear on the outfield wall.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Run towards these arrows. As the ball begins to come down, the color will change from yellow to green. You need to reach the arrows and press R1 on PlayStation or RB on Xbox to jump as soon as the top arrow turns green. If your player can get to the ball, they will hop up the wall and attempt to catch it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The key is all about timing and some luck. If you press the button right after the top arrow turns green, you have the best chance of bringing a homerun back and pulling off one of the most impressive defensive plays in baseball.