How to kill a Cryptid in Fallout 76

The creatures of myths and fables.

Image via Bethesda YouTube

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If you’re looking to complete the daily challenge of killing a Cryptid in Fallout 76, you might think it’s a bit more complicated than it should be. A Cryptid are creatures typically from myths and fables in Fallout 76, so not too many people have seen them, but they’ve heard of them. These legendary creatures are not too difficult to defeat by yourself if you’re equipped and prepared, but tracking them down can be the toughest challenge But there are few easier ways to tackle this daily task to make it easier to complete and find a reliable spawn.

These are the many Cryptids you can choose to hunt down in Fallout 76.

  • Flatwoods Monster
  • Grafton Monster
  • Mothman
  • Sheepsquatch
  • Snallygaster
  • Wendigo

You can hunt down any of these Cryptids, and it should count for the challenge. Of these, we recommend focusing on the Snallygaster. You can find a decent spawn of them by traveling to the Flooded Trainyard, east of Watoga. From there, you should find several Snallygasters that you can defeat to complete this challenge. You can choose to bring a few friends with you to make sure you all complete the challenge, but defeating them yourself is a viable strategy.

It’s an extremely efficient way of tackling this challenge without having to think about it too much. If you’re more a group person, some of the tougher challenges in the game feature Cryptids that also count for this daily challenge, and they drop exceedingly better rewards.