How to kill the Ogre in Back 4 Blood

The bigger they are…

Screenshot by Gamepur

While playing Back 4 Blood, you are going to come across no shortage of mutated Ridden. Around any corner could be the next Tall Boy or Retch looking to ruin your day. That being said, some instances will bring in a boss Ridden that will demand your full attention; otherwise, they will quickly down you. That is the Ogre’s purpose. Here is how to kill it.

While you will face the Ogre multiple times throughout the campaign, we will outline the first encounter since once you figure that fight out, you will be ready for future Ogre battles as well.

Once you reach the second level of the first act, Tunnel of Blood, you will notice some interesting drawings on the walls of the safe house. The poor man cowering under his table fort has been terrorized by this Ogre for a while now, it seems. Make your way outside, kill some Ridden, and once you reach the tunnel ahead, the Ogre will appear out of the ground.

Now there are two ways to go about dealing with an Ogre. The first is to have your entire team book it down the tunnel and into the hallway that lets you proceed with the level. This method is fine and will save your resources if you only focus on the Ridden in your way. Once you get to the hallway, do be careful because while he cannot fit himself inside, he will try to grab anyone near the door.

If you choose to stand and fight the Ogre, prepare for a lengthy battle. He has a lot of health, but shooting the blisters on the upper part of his body is his weak point. Burst one of them, and a big chunk of his health will drop. The Ogre has one long-range attack where he will grab a glob of himself and hurl it at you. If it is coming for you, shoot it to destroy it. You are unlikely to dodge it. Other than that, he will slowly clamber towards you and try to slam you.

Keep firing on him and moving away from his attacks, and once you get his health to half, he will dig back into the ground. Now continue through the tunnel and deal with all the Ridden in your way.

Once you reach the end of the tunnel, the Ogre will appear again whether you fought him or ran from him. If you want to keep running, get through the small hole of debris on the other side of him. If you are committed to finishing him off, you will need to maneuver between a bunch of cars and debris in this area. There is not much running room here, but it is not terribly less than the area you were in before.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In this second fight, the Ogre acts exactly the same. Burst his blisters to take down his health quickly, shooter his globs he throws at you, and above all, keep your distance from his slams. Work together, and eventually, the Ogre will drop to the ground dead. So far, our rewards from killing the Ogre have not been great. We have only received ammo but will update this article if we find something worth grabbing from him.