How to buy and build 6 Cannoneers in Teamfight Tactics (TFT)

Blow their faces off, summoner.

Image via Riot Games

Cannoneers are some of the strongest AD carry units in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) set 5.5, so it’s no surprise that Hellions, Forgottens, and Sentinels are so popular. Who can resist a crit-striking Lucian? But let’s talk about how you build and create the most mythic of AD builds: 6 Cannoneers.

The units

Four different Cannoneer units are classically in the game: Senna, Tristana, Miss Fortune, and Lucian. Since even six Cannoneers isn’t a full build, you need some front-liners to protect the team. The best option is to buy into already established builds like Hellions and Sentinels, but Forgotten would be a tad harder to pull off.

Most Cannoneer options just focus on collecting either two or four of them to get the damage bonus from the buff, but only partially. So, the different tiers of Cannoneer buffs are:

  • 2 Cannoneers: 225% AD
  • 4 Cannoneers: 475% AD
  • 6 Cannoneers: 1200% AD

The process

Leveling + Econ: While many Cannoneer builds can be done with a slow-rolling, seven-unit setup, trying to do 6 Cannoneers 100% requires being a high level with a lot of space on the board. So, against true Cannoneer nature, a fast 8 may be necessary.

Items: The items that you get for your Cannoneers are all about damage. When it comes to item pieces, run straight for early items like Recurve Bows, Needlessly Large Rods, BF Swords, and Tears of the Goddess. Some specific, built item faves are Runaan’s Hurricane, Jeweled Gauntlet, Shojin’s, Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster, and Guisoo’s Rageblade. But there are so many extended mixes of damage items that work so well with these Cannoneers.

Positioning: These big damage units are all about “The Corner” positioning. They love to put their various knights in the front and in the way so that they can do as much damage as possible.

Cannoneer Emblem: The Cannoneer item is vital to get to six, but what makes it worse than other bonus builds is that you need two. Also, you can’t build the item; only get it from the carousel or your armory, so you’re definitely building on a prayer. 

The last two cannons: Now, if you can get all the items and pieces in place, who should be your extra Cannoneers? Well, it’s easiest to pick things in related builds that do a lot of damage. For example, Akshan, Kennan, Draven, and Teemo are all great choices.

If you fail

If you can’t find the Cannoneer items or are otherwise struggling, there are easy ways to build out of this predicament. Just pivot into Hellion Cannoneers, Sentinel Cannoneers, or Forgotten Ironclad, and then you can have a functioning build around the Cannoneers and front-liners you have. You even could try to pull off 9 Sentinels if you transition fast enough.