How to learn the drake helmet in Valheim

They drop from only one creature.

There are numerous recipes and crafting items you can learn how to make in Valheim. The important thing to learn how to make an item is to find all of the ingredients for it. If you’re missing even a single one, you won’t learn how to make it. For those looking to craft the drake helmet, that’s a complicated situation because plenty of Valheim players are finding that the helmet’s ingredients are not easy to locate.

These are all of the ingredients you need to have to learn the drake helmet recipe. When you have all of them, you need to make sure you’re at a forge to create the armor.

  • 20 Silver
  • 2 Wolf pelts
  • 2 Drake trophies

The hardest thing for players to find is the drake trophy. Much like the other trophies you can acquire in the game, you have to take down the specific target. For the drake trophies, you need to battle against the frost drakes flying around the Mountains biome. These drakes remain in the skies, firing three ice blasts at you, and then turn away before returning to fire more blasts at you again. They’ll repeat this process until you beat them, or they defeat you.

There’s nothing special about finding drake trophies, and they’re just incredibly hard to loot. You have to roam the Mountains biome to find as many drakes as you can and hope they drop a trophy. It’s a rare drop, and attempting to acquire two can be extremely difficult.

Because these creatures remain in the air, we recommend you bring plenty of arrows to shoot them down. The drake helmet is a suitable armor piece for your wolf set.