How to level up Companions in Elder Scrolls Online

Making friends.

Image via Bethesda

Companions in Elder Scrolls Online will accompany players on adventures, and in combat. They can venture into most areas with players but will start out at Level 1 when they are unlocked. Players will want to rank them up to truly take advantage of them in the game.

As players fight alongside their companions, they will level up. With the exception of their personal quests and rapport, which collectively represents the relationship between each character and the Companion, all Companion progress is account-wide.

At first, companions will have a limited set of ability bar slots, and a maximum potential level of 20. They also gain experience directly from combat, so players should be focus on fighting when trying to level them up. As they level up, companions gain health, spell and weapon damage, and they gain more ability bar slots, more class abilities, and an ultimate ability which will unlock at Level 20.

Companions also share in any experience increasing effects that a player decides to use, such as consumable boosters or holiday bonuses.

Companion Rapport

Rapport between players and companions is vital and will dictate the overall relationship between the two. Getting Rapport high enough will get players access to a companion’s personal quest. All Companions have strong personal preferences which you can learn about through dialogue and experimentation in the world. If Rapport gets too low, a companion can leave for you for a time, making leveling them up impossible.

Rapport adjustments are displayed in real time in the loot stream and have limitations on how often they can be triggered for both positive and negative rapport events. You can always see the current rapport status on the overview window of the Companion UI.