How to level up fast in Samurai Warriors 5

Push every character as hard as possible.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Samurai Warriors 5 has more than 20 characters for you to experiment with, upgrade, and master. However, it can sometimes feel like a bit of a grind when it comes to leveling each of them up. This article covers how to level your characters up quickly and break that grind.

Battling with characters gains experience

This shouldn’t shock anyone who has played the game, but the characters you play as will be the ones to gain the most experience from any battles you fight in. Even if you pick two characters for a battle, the one you play as most will receive the bulk of the experience from the battle. So if you’re trying to increase a character’s level fast, play as them across Musou Mode, Free Mode, and Citadel Mode to help them gain as much experience as possible. The more experience they gain, the higher their level will be.

Use stock experience to boost a character

Within the Dojo, you can upgrade a character’s level using any stock experience that you’ve picked up from battles. This will accumulate slowly over the course of your playthrough and is shared across all characters. So if you want to push a character’s level up, then use your stock experience on them to boost them by a couple of levels now and then.

Upgrade as many skills as possible before playing

Skill Points are shared across all characters. As a result, you can purchase all the basic skills for a character before you’ve ever played as them. This will give them an edge in combat, allowing them to take on tougher missions than they’d normally be able to due to their lower level. The more challenging the mission, the more potential experience a character can learn. With a chunk of new skills under their belt, any low-level character should be able to hold their own in a higher difficulty battle.