How to level up in Hogwarts Legacy

Become a more powerful student at Hogwarts.

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Leveling up is a natural way to progress through Hogwarts Legacy. There will be a handful of quests that require your character to meet a certain level requirement before they can continue their journey. This is a good way to make sure your character is ready to meet the next challenge on their journey. Here’s what you need to know about how leveling up works in Hogwarts Legacy.

The best way to level up in Hogwarts Legacy

Main story quests

There are multiple ways for your character to consistently level up, with the main story quests providing the most experience points for your character. You will want to do this to progress through the main story, unlocking new content and learning about additional locations. However, some of them might not allow your character to move forward.

Side Quests

If you cannot work on the current main quest, the next step is to see what kind of side quests you can do alongside your classmates at Hogwarts. These side quests will appear more often as you progress through the main quests. Don’t feel pressure to do them, as they should remain on the map, and you can complete them at any time while playing Hogwarts Legacy.

Collections and challenges

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When you’ve wrapped up the various side quests and still need to level up your character, the next step is to focus on the various Collections and Field Guide Pages you can find while exploring Hogwarts Legacy. These locations are going to be hidden, or the pages are going to be floating around. You can use the Revelio spell to look around your immediate area, learning about special points of interest and objects you might have missed. This also reveals hidden Field Guild Pages. If you see one of these pages floating through the air, use the Accio spell to bring them to you.

Fighting enemies

The final and slowest way to level up your character is by taking on enemies and fighting foes while exploring Hogwarts Legacy. The enemies do not provide many experience points, and you’ll naturally find them while exploring the game, and you complete various quests, filling out your map.

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