How to catch the flying pages for Professor Ronen’s Assignment in Hogwarts Legacy

Fine tune your spell work.

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In one of the more curious challenges in the early stages of Hogwarts Legacy, one professor will decide to give you a special assignment as a catch up. This assignment will involve honing a particular skill, and going on a treasure hunt by collecting flying pages. So, how can you reel in those flying pages in Hogwarts Legacy? Here’s what you need to do.

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How to catch the flying pages

Before heading off the Hogsmeade, one should speak to Professor Ronen regarding a special assignment. In that assignment, Ronen will reward the player with the Reparo spell — one that grants the ability to repair broken objects.

But before that is done, users must do that assignment. Players must catch two flying pages that are in about the same area of the map. One is outside, right next to the courtyard where Ronen can be found. The second one can be found inside the school at the Defense Against the Dark Arts tower.

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In order to catch the pages, one must have the Accio spell. This spell is awarded to players who successfully complete the ‘Charms Class’ quest. Locate the spell in the air with the right stick (camera), and then cast the Accio spell. If you are using the default controls, the spell should have been placed in the spot controlled by either RT + X (Xbox), or R2 + Square (PlayStation).

Once that is done, return those two pages to Rowen. Then, he will reward you with the Reparo spell.