How to level up servants in V Rising

Defend yourself with high-powered servants.

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As players make their way through the guided game progression of V Rising, they will eventually unlock the ability to convert and retain servants. These servants can do many things for their vampiric overlord, but how players should increase their level isn’t immediately apparent.

Thankfully, the act of increasing the level of servants in V Rising is relatively straightforward. Servants hold their own V Rising Gear Level, similar to players, and this level can be increased similarly. Meaning players shouldn’t be too quick to salvage armor or weapons once they level past them.

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How to level up servants

Servants, like the player, have their own inventory consisting of four armor slots, one accessory slot, and a singular weapon slot. When servants have no equipment, their Gear Score, or level, is zero. This increases as items are added to the servant’s inventory, directly correlating to the cumulative power level of the items equipped.

For example, a servant with only a sword equipped with Gear Level 15, would have a total Gear Level of 15. That Gear Level then becomes the number next to the servant’s bar, effectively their current level within V Rising. If the equipment is removed, their level decreases appropriately.

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The second stat for a servant that will increase and decrease through the use of equipment is that of Power. Power is less of a 1:1 transfer that Gear Level offers, and more of an abstraction that determines its value from the tier of equipment that is used. V Rising’s Hollowfang gear, for example, offers the addition of +46 Power per armor piece, while Merciless Hollowfang gear offers a +55 Power.

This all becomes relevant when using the throne to send your servants out on missions, and when defending your castle in PvP servers. Higher Power and Gear Level means that the servants have a higher chance of success, bringing home oodles of loot while you preen yourself on the throne.