How to level up your Attributes in Wasteland 3

Build better squad members with our help.

How to upgrade your Attributes in Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 — inXile Entertainment’s latest offering — is an RPG at heart. With this gaming genre at its core, your squad members can level up with every battle they win, mission they complete, and side quest conducted.

Every time someone levels up, they are given an Attribute Point. These points can be used to increase each member’s core stats, known as Attributes, which include a character’s strength, speed, intelligence, and luck, among other vitals.

You don’t start earning Attribute Points until your characters reach level three. The Ranger pairing, which you begin every new game with, start at level one, but it isn’t long before they reach level three. Once you start adding new members to your squad, these characters will all be level three or higher, so you don’t need to worry about leveling them up before you start to accrue Attribute Points.

Your characters earn one Attribute Point each time they level up. Each Attribute slot costs one point to increase, so you need to spend each point wisely. You can add Attribute Points to specific slots to make a character strong in one particular area, such as increasing the strength of a brawler-type. This will make them stronger and hit harder, but it will come at the expense of them being able to move quickly, detect hidden enemy weapons like mines, and other useful skills.

It’s best to spread your Attribute Points around each character equally. You can prioritize one Attribute above the others to give specific squad members a boost, but don’t go top-heavy. Balance is key and will ensure squad members can adapt to any situation.

To add an Attribute Point to your character, open up the in-game menu. Flick through to the Attributes tab. From here, you can scroll down each category to learn what each one corresponds to. Once you’ve decided what Attribute to upgrade, tap the A button on Xbox One, X on PlayStation 4, or left-click your mouse on PC to confirm the choice.

Increasing Attributes will boost your characters’ stats for battles, such as increasing their number of Action Points, how much damage they do, and more, so it’s worth spending them every time your squad members level up.