How to Levitate a Dugbog by its tongue in Hogwarts Legacy

These creatures have massive tongues.

Dugbog is a type of creature you can encounter while exploring Hogwarts Legacy. It’s a territorial monster that might attack you if you are ever close to its territory, but it has a valuable resource on it: its tongue. You can always have the creature levitate off the ground by its tongue, one of the many Duelling Feats you can complete. Here’s what you need to know about how to Levitate a Dugbog by its tongue in Hogwarts Legacy.

What spell do you use to levitate a Dugbog by its tongue in Hogwarts Legacy?

The timing for this can be difficult. You need to be out of range of the Dugbog’s tongue and make sure you’re not close enough to be hit by it. The tongue won’t hit too far from the creature, so if you keep a reasonable distance from a Dugbog during a fight, you can wait for it to attempt to lash out at you. The attack is indicated by a glowing yellow indicator over your character’s head, meaning you can continue it if you successfully parry a Dugbog’s tongue.

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Now that you know the timing, the next step is to focus on the spellwork. The correct spell you want to use against a Dugbog is the Levioso spell. It’s a spell Control spell that you learn relatively early in your Hogwarts Legacy adventure.

With the spell in one of your spell slots, wait for the Dugbog to fire out its tongue, and then use the spell. If you can time it to go out roughly the same time as the Dugbog tongue, the creature will levitate in the air, and you will have completed this Duelling Feat task, earning you more experience points after you complete the combat.