How to link a Madden 23 account to Twitch

Get those extra rewards.

Image via EA Sports

Playing Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) and the various online and offline modes in it is not the only way to get rewards for Madden 23’s primary mode. Users can also receive certain rewards by watching official Madden streams and getting drops. In order to do that, you’ll need to link your MUT and EA account to Twitch, which broadcasts official Madden streams. So, how can you do that? Let’s walk you through the steps, including what to do, and what rewards can be obtained via drops.

How to link a Madden 23 account to Twitch

To link a Madden 23 account to Twitch, first go to You will have to sign in to Twitch if you haven’t done so already, and do the same for the EA account. If necessary, enter any security codes and then log in to both.

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Once you have done both, click the Twitch linking URL and select the button that states ‘Yes, link them.’ This will allow EA to connect both your Electronic Arts account and the Twitch account. To make sure that this worked, go to your Connections in the Twitch settings. You should see Electronic Arts listed in the Connections

Linking a Madden 23 account to Twitch will be necessary in order to obtain any drops and/or rewards that are exclusive to official Twitch streams. One of the marquee rewards that will be dropped by EA is cards that can be used towards the Madden Championships Series (MCS) program and the master player item that will be made available later in Madden 23’s life cycle. In order to obtain that, users will need to get cards that will be dropped during official MCS streams.

Also, be mindful to claim any drops in your Twitch account right away. Due to how the time watched is tracked, players must claim any drops, before progress towards new ones commences.