Madden 23: What are Legends tokens used for in MUT and how do you get them?

Did somebody say tokens?

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Much like in other sports games and collectible card game modes, Madden 23 will showcase some of the best to ever play football in Madden Ultimate Team with special Legends cards. In addition to Legends player items, users can also obtain Legends tokens. But what are Legends tokens used for in Madden NFL 23, and how can these items be obtained? Let’s go over everything you need to know.

What are Legends tokens used for in MUT?

Legends tokens are, as the name implies, used for Legends. Legends are blue player items in Madden Ultimate Team that generally have higher ratings than most Core Elite players. These Legends feature NFL players from the past, many of whom have been enshrined in the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

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In Madden Ultimate Team, EA Sports will eventually be adding Legends sets into the mode. Users will need 20 of them in order to insert the items into the sets. Complete those sets, and users will then be able to add a new Legend to their binder. This Legend will be account-bound (BND), meaning it can’t be sold in the Auction House.

How do you get Legend tokens?

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Legends tokens can be obtained by completing specific Legend solo challenges in Madden Ultimate Team. These challenges can be found with the other challenges in Madden 23, like the ones reserved for All-Madden and Headliners program progress.

EA Sports typically adds three challenges per new Legend. Complete those challenges, and you will receive Stars. Each completed Legends challenge in Madden 23 typically yields one Star.

As you gain more and more stars, you will move up in Tiers in the Legends Challenges. Move up in Tiers, and you will, in turn, get more Legends tokens.