How to locate a lost animal in DogLife – The Nose Knows Achievement

Where did they go?

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Scent Database in DogLife will be a useful tool for you to keep track of animals you have interacted with and sniffed. As you build relationships with other animals and age up, either you or them will likely change your home after a while. If you get separated and want to know what happened to them, you can find them. Here is how to locate a lost animal in DogLife and earn The Nose Knows achievement.

Note: to be eligible to find lost animals; you will need to purchase Top Dog for $2.99.

Finding a lost animal is pretty simple in DogLife. First, be sure to Sniff any animals that share a home with you. This will automatically put them in your Scent DB and let your dog remember what they smelled like.

With them in your database, play until either of you changes home. There are multiple ways to do this. If you are a stray, you can wander to a new street, you can go to the animal shelter, or your owners can get rid of you. Sometimes the other animal will leave on their own accord. All it takes for an animal to be considered lost is for you to share a home and then not.

After you change homes, all entries for animals you used to live within the Scent DB will now have question marks over their icon, denoting they are “lost.” Select them in the database, and you will see their profile and have the option to find them at the bottom.

It doesn’t matter what your new situation is; you will have the chance to locate lost animals. All it takes is for that animal to be alive still, and you can find out their health and current status.