How to loot a Treasure Vault in Sea of Thieves

Loot as much as you can before time runs out.

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So you found the Treasure Vault key and now you want to take the loot for yourself. This is the best option for a pirate who has no shortage of time and a lust for gold that could match the Hoarders themselves.

The first thing you’re going to need to do is to find the vault. There are six Treasure Vaults spread throughout the Sea of Thieves, and each vault has its own corresponding key. Each key has an inscription that gives players clues on where to find the vault. Once you get there use the key to open the door, but make sure your crew is ready to loot. After the vault door opens, a timer begins giving players about three minutes to make off with all of the loot they can.

In the vault, pirates will find piles of gold, treasure chests, and various trinkets laying about. The best treasure you can find, however, is hidden behind multiple layers of puzzles. 

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To reveal the Chest of Ancient Tributes, the most valuable piece of loot, you must first find all of the medallions in the vault. Medallions will shine brighter than all of the other items in the vault. These can be found on the floor, on the scaffolds, or in any pile of gold. 

  • Take each medallion and place them in the center altar
  • The first medallion will reveal an object, go to the leftmost pillar and change it until it matches the medallion
  • Continue for the second and third pillars to the right of the first
  • The fourth pillar, all the way to the right will have no matching medallion but instead will have three different symbols. Change this pillar to match the original three medallions. 
  • If done correctly the secondary vault will open and the Chest of Ancient Tributes will be yours!

Pirates must be quick about their looting. If any pirate is stuck behind after the vault doors close they will drown as the vault is flooded. 

Once you escape with your new loot, you will unlock new commendations and sails. If you make it away with the Chest of the Ancient Tributes you will earn an extra commendation and sails set.