How to start a Treasure Vault Voyage in Sea of Thieves

Set sail to find the Treasure Vault key.

Image Via Rare

In the latest monthly update for Sea of Thieves, pirates can start a whole new type of adventure with the Treasure Vault Voyage. This voyage takes players on a journey to hunt down a key to a vault containing a massive store of loot held by the Gold Hoarders. While it sounds simple, this quest is anything but. 

To start off this voyage, players will have to talk to Lorenna, the founder of the Salty Dogs. While Duke is off on his own adventure, you’ll have to deal with her outside of the tavern for all of your black market missions, including the Treasure Vault Voyage. After speaking with Lorenna and voting on the voyage with your crewmates, you’ll set off on the adventure. Players will have to find scraps of a treasure map with the help of an enchanted Golden Wayfinder compass which leads them to pieces of the map hidden in the sand. 

Once players have located all of the different pieces of the treasure map, the island and key location will finally be revealed, and the only step left is to go out there and dig up the key. Once the key is collected, you can return it to the Gold Hoarders on any outpost for a modest sum of gold. However, you are a pirate, after all, so you have the option to take the treasure for yourself. That option gives players a whole new set of challenges to face, but with a greater challenge, comes a greater reward.

Screengrab via Rare