How to lose the cops in Need for Speed Unbound

It’s the sound of the police.

Screenshot via Need for Speed YouTube

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Avoiding the cops in Need for Speed games has become a time-honored tradition. That tradition continues in Need for Speed Unbound, as drivers throughout the campaign will need to lose cops that are after you and your cash. So, what can you do to avoid getting busted by the police? Here are some tips that you should be aware of.

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How to lose the cops in Need for Speed Unbound

There are a couple of tips that we can give you about trying to avoid being busted by the police. For one, it always helps to have a vehicle with good horsepower and speed. Obviously, S and S+ tier cars will have the best performance, but those cars won’t be easily obtainable when starting out in the campaign.

Still, try to pick cars that have high horsepower and top speeds. There is, however, one other attribute of a vehicle you might want to be aware of while playing Need for Speed Unbound. That attribute is the off-road capabilities.

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One aspect of Unbound that we have noticed is that it is much easier to dodge the cops while driving off-road. Generally speaking, police vehicles have a much tougher time of keeping up to the player’s pace when driving off the road and with solid speed. So, it may behoove you to pick a off-road car at the onset to aid with this aspect of the game.

We don’t think we need to state this, but we will again for emphasis. Should you get apprehended by the cops, the police will take all cash that has not been banked in the current session. It is extremely important to avoid the police, particularly if you have competed in a number of Meetups during the day or night. If want to avoid the police altogether, look on the map at the bottom-left corner. Police vehicles will be indicated with an icon that has two lines, and either a red or blue light next to it.