How to make a bomb in Grounded

Bomb’s away.


The bomb in Grounded is a great tool to toss at giant insects that are giving you trouble. It hits with a good chunk of damage, and the best part is you can do it from a distance, so you don’t have to risk your life compared to if you were doing it closer. Crafting the bombs is no small feat, and you have to investigate one of the anthills in the game to venture inside of it to find one of the resources.

How to research the bomb

You can acquire the crafting recipe after analyzing one of the resources it consumes to make it. Fungal growth from infected weevals are probably your best bet. You can find infected weevals by visiting the location near the bug spray canister at the southwest part of the map. When you learn how to craft the bomb, here are all of the ingredients you need to craft it:

  • Two fungal growths
  • One ant egg
  • Four dry grass chunks

Crafting the bomb

Both the fungal growths and the ant egg will prove the toughest resources to acquire. Ant eggs are only found by venturing into an anthill. There’s one to the southeast of the Jabby Cola landmark, between the wooden oak planks and the river of the first field station. You will find it in the middle of all the dried grass stalks. You have to venture deep inside of it, so expect to fight plenty of ant soldiers, and bring plenty of light.

You can retrieve fungal growths from the infected weevils found to the southwest of the rake, where the heavy bug spray clouds are. If you don’t have a gas mask, you don’t want to draw too close. But you can potentially lure infected weevils outside of the cloud by drawing their aggression at you and running to safety. They’re tougher than standard weevils, but not by too much. The final ingredient, dried grass chunks, are pretty easy to find nearby the anthill.

Once you have all of them, return to your workbench to craft it. It’s a hand weapon to have to deal with the much larger insects in Grounded. When you venture down into the anthill to grab the eggs, make sure to bring as many as possible. They are not an easy prize.