How to make a Campfire in Minecraft

Here’s how to make the blazing decorative item in Minecraft.

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In Minecraft, a Campfire is a decorative item that can light up an area around you and give your home’s fireplace a realistic-looking setting along with a trail of smoke that will rise into the air. The surrounding area of the campfire is lit up comparably to a regular torch, but it takes time to break down, so it’s not necessarily great for when you are adventuring and might want to pick it up again. It is excellent for your home base area, though. Making the item isn’t too tricky, just a matter of collecting the right amount of resources (like making a real campfire). Here is how to do it.

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How to make a Xampfire in Minecraft

To craft a campfire in Minecraft, you will need three Sticks, one Coal or Charcoal, and three of any kind of Wood or Log.

All three requirements are easily found in the game. Sticks are made from crafting them from your Wooden Plank blocks. Coal can be found in any area underground, you will need at least a Wooden Pickaxe to gather it. Charcoal can be smelted with wooden items.

If you are using the crafting recipe to create items, your Wooden Blocks or Logs will need to be placed on each of the bottom three slots. In the central slot, you will need to put the Coal or Charcoal. Finally, the Sticks will go in the slots on the middle left, middle top, and middle right slots. The top left and top right slots will be empty.

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Once everything is in place, move the Campfire to your inventory, and you are free to place it where you like. Wherever you place it, just be careful not to step on it in Survival or you will catch on fire and take damage.