How to make a clan in Destiny 2

That lone wolf stuff stays behind. Clear?

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost Artifact

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Clans are great for creating and growing a community of people who enjoy the same thing. Whether you do it on Discord or social media websites, you will get a group of friends and new people with similar interests to play together. Some games feature their own clan creation process, so everything is handled right there. Here is how to create a clan in Destiny 2.

Unfortunately, you can not create a clan inside Destiny 2 the game. You can join and request to join a clan from the game but can only make a clan from the website or the Destiny 2 companion app. Keep in mind, both options below will not work if you are in a clan already. Leave the one you are in currently to be able to create one. If you have multiple Destiny 2 accounts, you can put them into the same clan.


If you are looking to create a clan in Destiny 2, there are two methods you can go by. The first is through the website. Go to the Destiny 2 clan page and log in to your Destiny 2 account. Click on Create Clan and input the relevant information needed for your group. After clicking create, you will be taken to the main page of your new clan, where you can manage it and begin inviting friends and accepting anyone from the outside who wants in.

Companion app

You can also create a clan through the Destiny 2 companion app on iOS or Android. Download the app and sign in with your Destiny 2 credentials. There is an icon at the bottom of the screen to take you to the clan section. From there, click create clan and input all the information needed for it.